Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day weekend and More!

With summer coming to an end and school in full swing us Woodruff kids are settling in to a nice "fall" routine...but we couldn't let summer go away with out one last HORRAY! So on labor day weekend we had a BBQ. Uncle Rick, Auntie Jocelyn, Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth all came over to help us say good bye to summer. Mommy said that really Labor day had something to do with workers, or something like that but I think it's just a good excuse to have a fire and roast Marshmallows. You know what, that is just what we did. Well first we grilled and hung out, then while the grown-ups where getting the fire going we all played in our yard. Here is Shane crawling around..he was having so much fun!

Our Neighbor Courtney who is a big kid (Mommy said she's 18) came out and played with us too.

Silly Uncle Rick though his stick was a butt poking stick, and he got Daddy!
Once the fire was going nicely it was my favorite time, time to ROAST MARSHMALLOWS!!! Check out the stick that Uncle Rick is using..he could roast 4 at a time. How cool!

With our Marshmallows we made S'Mores. Our favorite way to make them is with Peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bars. Mmmm, Kylie sure enjoyed hers.

and So did Aiden.

I was so excited about mine that I did a silly pose!

Even Shane got in on the Marshmallows goodness! Here he is having his first Marshmallows EVER.

After all us kids had ours Daddy and Uncle Rick made some S'mores of the grown-ups
Auntie Jocelyn had some wine with hers!

Then she snuggled up with us. Although honestly I think she just wanted to sit with us so we could keep her warm. Hehehe!

After that we had to go to bed. So I am not really sure what happened, but here are some pictures that were taken while I was snoozing.
Looks like Uncle Rick had a beer.
and boy did that fire get BIG!

Mommy said that fire was so hot and bright that she took this picture of Daddy and Uncle Rick with out her flash!

Auntie Beth looks like she was feeling all snuggly and having lots of fun sitting by the fire,
and Uncle Matt, well who knows what he was doing. He's always so silly.

In other news, Shane has learned how to stand all by himself in the last two weeks. He is so proud of himself. He loves it when we clap and say "YAY SHANE SHANE!" Oh and this is the new smile he does when he sees a camera. Such a ham bone.

So now that Shane can stand he also thinks he's pretty clever, Mommy was changing his diaper and he crawled away and stood up, and well this was the result!
So, because Mommy has NOTHING else to do while I am at school Kylie and Aiden convinced Mommy that they should do some easy bake oven cooking. Here is Kylie with her Easy Bake oven waiting for it to warm up

Aiden wanted to get in on the action too!

Time to add the flour

Kylie let Aiden add the oil

Now mixing, mixing

and spreading it in the pan

Even Aiden got to spread some in his pan

and NOW to put it in the oven, you have to be careful cause it's pretty HOT

Since I was at school while all this was happening I had no idea about it, but when I got home I found that Kylie had made me a easy bake oven "Brownie" Ummm, yeah they aren't so great

But Mommy says what can you expect when you cook with a lightbulb. Kylie on the other hand was thrilled with her results. I suppose that is all that matters.

and well, here is one more of Shane, just because he is so darn cute!

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  1. It's been way to long since I have seen the kids. I can't believe how Shane has grown, he looks so much older. Kylie looks like she is just about as tall as Collin. Aiden is also gotten bigger.