Monday, February 8, 2010

All about Aiden

Hey everyone, it's me Aiden Joseph. It's my turn to be the STAR of the blog. As most of you saw in the blog a few weeks ago I just turned two, Mommy says I'm really good at being two...I'll tell you all about me and you can decide for yourself if she's right!
So, for those of you that don't really know me that great, I'm kind of a serious guy. Although Mommy and Daddy seem to find me pretty funny. Let me assure you when I do things, I DO NOT do it to get attention, showboat or make people laugh. I do it because it's what I feel like doing and am in the moment. Like when I put this hat on, I wasn't trying to make Mommy laugh like Collin or Kylie might try and do..nope I saw it, had the urge to wear it and there you go. Why mommy was giggling is beyond me.

So along with kind of being the serious guy I'm also the one that, well lets just say I like to keep Mommy on her toes! I think it's lots of fun to get into things that I know may be a little naughty. Like climbing on the counters or standing on the arm of the couch so I can jump. Here are some pics of me caught in the action!



Hmmm I wonder what I can get myself into up here.

Mmmmmmm DORITO'S!!!!!

So besides for making mommy crazy, some of my favorite things to do is play with cars..or anything that makes music. Here I am with my cool guitar that santa brought me. Can you see me having my own garage band someday or what?

Oh, and I've also decided that I might have a future in MMA. How old do you have to be a UFC fighter? I LOVE to 'fight' with Daddy and yes, as crazy as it sounds I do LOVE to watch the UFC fights. I watch closly and bob and weave like the do as I throw punches at the air

After a busy day of just being me is dinner then bath time. Here's me in my doggy towel. Woof I LOVE to brush my teeth, and make them all sparkly! Mommy helps me at first, then I get to finnish up!

After bath and snuggling is bed time. Mommy snuggles in the bed with me while Collin goes potty and we just talk. Once Collin comes in a climbs up into his bed we say our know the typical "now I lay me down to sleep" followed by asking god to bless our family memebers. I know I told you about how I sleep in the bottom bunk and all, but last night (2/8) I was just to tired to wait for Mommy to put me to bed so I climbed off her lap, layed down on the living room floor and fell right to sleep.....

Shhhhh....good night!!!

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  1. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are such a cuteeeee.............
    Who says you get in trouble?