Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tonsils, Princess's and Potties!

I know that the things in the title don't appear to go together, but in the Woodruff house they do. Well kind of. Let me explain how...You know how when you hear that someone is getting their tonsils out you hear people say "just think of all the icecream you can eat". Well we learned that while it may be true that you are ALLOWED to eat all the icecream you want, the truth is you just CAN'T cause you feel so miserable. At least that is how it happend for Collin. Let me back track for a second. So incase you don't know it's been a long winter for Collin. He had a few cases of strep in dec and Jan, but on March 1st Mommy took Collin to see our Dr cause he yet again had a sore throat. Like Mommy thought he had strep so 10 days of medicine was the deal. Only 10 days later he was still sick and not eating. Mommy took him back and they tried another 10 days of meds...well sure enough it didn't work and Collin ended up right back at the Dr's only this time the Dr said he needed to seen an ENT and our Dr called up his friend DR KIM and asked that Collin be seen right away. So Mommy took him a few hours later. Well next thing we know Mommy and Collin come home and are saying that Collin will need his tonsils out, and they are doing the operation in 2 weeks. From what Mommy said Dr Kim wanted to do it the NEXT DAY cause he was so bad, but they didn't have an opening. SO on April 5th after a month and 4days of having strep Collin had his tonsils out. He was so sick and in so much pain that ALL he could eat or drink was water, and Mommy tried EVERYTHING!!! Ice cream, Sherbert, Shorbet, pops, yogurt, pudding. You name it she tried it....nothing helped except for all the GET WELL cards he got....just look at them all. They definatly made Collin smile! It took 10 days before Collin could eat anything, and as of today he's finally eating. Although mommy said he is down to 38lbs (usually 53)

the saturday following Collin's surgery Kylie and I were playing on the deck when all of a sudden Mommy called us in. Daddy washed my face and changed my clothes and Mommy brought Kylie up stairs. She came back down in her Princess Belle dress and Mommy said "would you two like to go see a Disney on ice show?" Kylie was so excited she started jumping up and down and I thought sure. sounds good too me. We got there, got our tickets and walked around. Kylie was SOO excited to see Cinderella

and all of the princess dresses.While we were there Mommy got me a COOL King Triton swordand Kylie a twillie tinker bell thing.Finally it was time for the show to start
and I was LOVING it!!!!!

It was so much fun and a nice way to spend time just mommy Kylie and me!

And Finally and probablly the most exciting thing to happen here in the Woodruff house for a long time is...I can FINALLY use the Potty! That's right folks you heard it hear first on the Woodruff 4 blog! I am Potty trained. Actually I have been using the potty for a few weeks now, but I've been known to go and then give up a day or so later. But I finally decided that it was time to use the potty for good, and you know what I got now that I don't wear diapers...... A NEW BIKE!!!!!!

How cool is that? I guess Daddy decided that since I was saving him all this money in diapers he'd buy me a bike! If I knew I'd get a bike out of the deal I would have used the potty a lot sooner...well MAYBE! LOL! Well that is all the news from the Woodruff's.

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