Monday, April 4, 2011

Going to the Chapel.....

cause Auntie Beth got MARRIED!!!! For those of you that might not know, my Auntie Beth and Uncle Matt got married and I got to be the flower girl. Collin, Mommy and Daddy where in the wedding too. Collin was the RingBearer, Daddy was the Best Man and Mommy was a bride's maid. Let me tell you, if you've never been in a wedding there are a LOT of things to do. One of which is getting your hair done!!! Mommy said my hair had to look extra pretty so we went to the salon and got it done!
Once Mommy and I had our hair done we headed over to Harrington Farms with Daddy and Collin!! Us girls got our VERY own room to get ready I am checking myself out to make sure I look PERFECT!
Auntie Beth's Mommy Momma Wright looked so pretty!

Mommy even got her to show off her shoulders..whooo-hoo!!!!! Auntie Beth anxiously waited till it was just about time to get dressed...aside from me she was the one that had to look the most perfect! Not that it hard for her. She is beautiful just how she is!
Here's Mommy and I all ready to go!
Auntie Jocelyn looked amazing...she's so pretty! She was the other bride's maide
Auntie Beth's sister Jen was the Maide of Honor. Look how pretty she looked!
Finally it was time to get Auntie Beth ready. Jen and Auntie Jo helped get her in her dress

She's soooo excited! Here is the Father of the Bride getting his flower pinned on by our head waitress Sara!
Finally it was time to start!! Here is the Violinest!
and the beautiful fireplace where the ceramony took place.
Here COMES THE GROOM!!!! Look how handsome Uncle Matt looks!
The Mother of the Bride is simply glowing!
Fist up Auntie Jocelyn!
Next was mommy
Then the Ring Bearer's Collin and Jake who is Auntie Beth's nephew. how cute are they!
Finally it was MY TURN..the big moment I have been practicing! I worked so hard to make sure each flower petal was perfectly spaced! and remembered to look ahead and smile!
Then came Auntie Beth and her Daddy! She looked like an angel coming down the aisle!

Her smile was so big as she saw Uncle Matt!
Now it was time to start!
Finally the new MR. and MRS. MCNALLY!!!!!!!!!
after we walked back down the aisle we noticed the beautiful sunset...
Daddy and I posed for a quick picture,
and then all 4 of us! I think we look good, what do you think?
Now the real fun began!! The wedding party was announced! Mr. and Mrs. Wright!
Then Auntie Jocelyn and Dave (auntie beth's brother in law)
Mommy and Uncle Rick!
Then Daddy and Jen!
and Finally The BRIDE AND GROOM!!!!
They had their first dance, which was so much fun!!! It was a dance off....

and Auntie Beth WON!
Here is Auntie Beth and her sister enjoying a moment!

and the Whole Kostecki family!
Look how nice uncle Rick and Auntie Jocelyn look

This is what the celing looked like
Collin and I posed together for a picture
The Daddy daughter dance was so sweet.
and I danced with Uncle Rick, whom i LOVE
We even got Collin to dance with me!

Here's my daddy daughter dance Did you know at weddings if you clink your spoon on your glass the bride and groom kiss???? They do, and this is proof. Mommy really likes this picture!
Here is what Mommy's flowers looked like
Next was time for CAKE!!!!!
and then DANCING!!!!

Collin and Jake were break dancing!

What happend next in the night I don't really know cause Nana and Papa took me home, but here are more pics .....

Mommy said something about a garder, I don't know what it is but it was on Auntie's leg

Here they are 6 amazing friends
celebrating with a big jump!!!!
The wedding was so much fun, and we are so happy for Uncle Matt and Auntie Beth. We love you both so much...


  1. You all looked so beautiful!!!! I love your little family! :) And, now I want cake, real bad!!! LOL

  2. What a beautiful family. Everyone looks so beautiful and handsome. Looks like everyone had lots of fun.